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Bumblebee’s New 2016 Camaro Body Unveiled by Michael Bay

by Joseph


I’m not really up on my Transformers mythology enough to know the actual in-story mechanics of this, but evidently Autobots and Decepticons can get updated bodies based on new-model automobiles .  And now all the Bumblebee heads out there know what his new 2016 Camaro exterior will look like in the next installment of the Transformers saga, courtesy of the film’s director Michael Bay:

Bumblebee’s new duds were custom built by General Motors for the upcoming movie, entitled Transformers: The Last Knight. Though that presumably does not mean they built it with the ability to transform into a semi-humanoid fighter of evil, it’s still a pretty cool car in Bumblebee’s traditional yellow-and-black color scheme.

If this news fulfills its duty and makes you curious about Transformers, you can check out the franchise’s official site here while you wait for it to come out—and that will be a while, since its release isn’t until June 23rd, 2017.

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