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‘Bumblebee’: ‘Transformers’ Star Gets Solo Outing (Trailer)

by Joseph


In the Michael Bay Transformers film series, Bumblebee is sort of like the Method Man or Tom Kenny of the ensemble: A clutch player that audiences love and just naturally fits into the role of breakout star. So it figures that he would now get his own movie, and now we have a teaser for that inevitable event to tide us over until it comes out.

Judging by that teaser, Bumblebee appears to be a more quaint, innocent exercise in adventure than anything Michael Bay could ever direct. That might be because this one is directed by Travis Knight, known primarily for his animation work with Laika (such as Kubo and the Two Strings). The movie takes place 20 years before BB’s first live-action appearance in Transformers, so it will function as an 80s period piece as well.

Anyway, you can check out the teaser trailer for Bumblebee below. As for the movie itself, it’s slated for a Christmas release, so stay tuned to its official Facebook page for more.

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