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“Bullying Jr.”: Burger King Releases Anti-Bullying Ad (Video)

by Joseph
Bullying Jr.

Bullying Jr.

Burger King seems to spend most of its advertising budget cultivating an ironic, humorous persona for itself, both on social media and in its promotional campaigns through other channels. But its most recent effort takes a superficially humorous but basically serious approach to a very real problem: Bullying. “Bullying Jr.,” to be exact.

“Bullying Jr.” is a commercial that uses cameras hidden at a real Burger King location to illustrate a troubling point. That point is that while virtually everybody inside a Burger King will speak out when their Whopper Jr. has been bullied into submission, very few will do anything to stop a real life high school junior from being bullied just a few feet away.

Check out “Bullying Jr.” below. And remember, if you see anyone being bullied in real life, do what you can to help, if for no other reason than you might be part of a hidden camera social experiment.

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