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BULLET: World’s Smallest LED Flashlight

by Joseph


You never know when you’re going to need a flashlight. But unless you’re Jack Bauer or The Shadow, you’re unlikely to have one on hand, probably because the ones that actually work are too big to carry around all the time, and the ones you might actually keep in your pocket are unlikely to provide any useful illumination. But now there’s BULLET, and LED flashlight small enough to hang on a key ring.

BULLET is billed as “the world’s smallest LED flashlight,” and as you can see in the photograph above that’s not just small talk. It’s also lightweight it won’t add too much heft to even the slimmest collection of keys.

Currently in its crowdfunding phase on Kickstarter (where it’s raised almost six times its original fundraising goal as of this writing with almost two months left to go), you can pre-order your own BULLET flashlight at its Kickstarter listing here starting at $20.

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