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Buick Avenir Concept Car

by Joseph
Buick Avenir

If you close your eyes and try to imagine the future, it’s very possible that Buick will be nowhere to be found. The company known for its giant cars might not seem to be too in sync with the sleek and sexy future of automobiles, but you wouldn’t know that looking at the new Buick Avenir, the recently unveiled concept car from the brand.

While it’s not as radical in its design as other recent automotive future visions (like this one), the Buick Avenir is still a good-looking car, and the interior is loaded with plenty of 21st century technology. That includes Buick IntelliLink, an “infotainment system” that syncs with all of the driver’s smart devices, a 12-inch color touchscreen, and more.

The Buick Avenir gets its name from the French word for “future,” and we will have to wait for a little while to see if the car actually goes into production. But you can get some more information on the car from Buick’s Avenir website here, and also see a few photos of it in the gallery below.

Buick AvenirBuick AvenirBuick Avenir


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