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$2.5 Million Bugatti Veyron Vandalized With Obscene Drawing (Update: Hoax)

by Joseph
Vandalized Bugatti Veyron

Vandalized Bugatti Veyron

Here’s a great litmus test to see where your economic sympathies lie: When you see the above photo of a vandalized Bugatti Veyron with a crude penis drawn on the hood, do you A: Feel a surge of anger and fury at the scoundrel who would commit such an act, or B: Laugh heartily at the rich jerk who spent too much on a car and continues to pay the price. Whether you answered A or B, this is a hell of an entertaining story, either way.

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport was parked on the street (!!) in Seattle, where some amateur graffiti artist painted a vandalism classic on the hood. According to one reported estimate, the act cuts the car’s value by more than $800,000, although I could imagine it becoming a coveted collector’s item if the image goes viral enough.

That might very well happen, as reports like this one indicate. Further information, like who owned the car or whether the vandalism was specifically targeted at the owner personally, is still to come. And remember – if you paid more than a million for your car, you can probably afford to park it in a garage.

UPDATE: Apparently it’s a hoax. That advice about the garage is still true, though.

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