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Budweiser Prohibition Brew: Relive the Bad Old Days (Video)

by Joseph
Budweiser Prohibition Brew

Budweiser Prohibition Brew

One might have thought that one of the few bright spots of the Prohibition era was no Budweiser, but actually there was a special non-alcoholic blend of the beer that is now enjoying a comeback. A special edition Budweiser Prohibition Brew was made available last year, and now it’s set to return in 2017.

Budweiser Prohibition Brew is basically exactly like your standard Bud, but with no alcohol – you could theoretically pound back 20 or 30 of them without feeling so much as a pleasant buzz. Or a pleasant anything, for that matter. And despite the fact that alcohol was legal in Canada during US Prohibition, the non-alcoholic beer is set for a release soon in Canada, with a wider release reportedly possible after that, in the near future.

You can get more information on Budweiser Prohibition Brew at Budweiser Canada’s official site here, which ironically I’m having trouble viewing due to a glitch in the age verification feature. And you can also see a video from when it first came out last year below.


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