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Budweiser Logo Gets a Fresh, Pared-Down Makeover

by Joseph
New Budweiser Logo

New Budweiser Logo

I believe that Brian Eno suggests “Simple Subtraction” as one of his Oblique Strategies for creative endeavors. ¬†And apparently someone at Budweiser‘s marketing department drew that card in the last few months, because there has now been a new, pared down Budweiser logo unveiled by the beer brand.

The new Budweiser logo retains the shape of the brand’s iconic “bow tie” logo, but with all the extra colors and shading removed for a simple bit of white-on-red eye candy. The new logo is the product of the JKR creative agency, which also developed two new fonts for use in Budweiser materials: “Bud Bold,” and “Bud Crafted.”

You can see the new Budweiser logo up at the top, and for a bit more on the transition you can check out the article on the new graphics at It’s Nice That right here. Or you could just skip all that and keep an eye out for the new logo in TV ads and at your local grocery and liquor stores soon.

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