Home Food & Drink Budweiser Unveils Limited Edition Bowtie-Shaped Cans (Video)

Budweiser Unveils Limited Edition Bowtie-Shaped Cans (Video)

by Joseph
Budweiser Bowtie Cans

Budweiser Bowtie Cans

Budweiser is getting fancy for the summer of 2013 with a new limited edition beer can. The new cans are elegantly “squeezed” in the middle to make them resemble Budweiser’s iconic logo.

Contrary to what you might think, the new design reportedly took three years to perfect, and they are each manufactured with a process totaling 26 different steps. So, yeah, the classic Budweiser can probably isn’t going anywhere soon.

But you will be able to get 8-packs (8 instead of 6 to compensate for the can’s slightly diminished capacity) of this limited edition bowtie-shaped Budweiser can throughout the summer. And you can check out a promotional video about the new can’s interesting design below.

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