Home Tech & Gear Bubba Watson and Oakley Design a Golf Cart Hovercraft (Video)

Bubba Watson and Oakley Design a Golf Cart Hovercraft (Video)

by Joseph
BW1 Golf Cart Hovercraft

BW1 Golf Cart Hovercraft

PGA star Bubba Watson must have been tired of having to steer clear of lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water as he tooled around the golf course in his cart. So he approached the people at Oakley and they teamed up on an idea that is just crazy enough to work—combine a golf cart with a hovercraft!

It’s called the BW1, and it appears to fill all of the duties of the golf cart while also hovering above the ground (or water, as the case may be). In addition to its hovering ability, it can also hold up to two sets of golf clubs and can be operated as a traditional, non-hovering golf cart as well.

This is just a prototype, so no word yet on if you’ll be able to purchase one of your own. But you can see a video of the hovercraft golf cart in action below.  And perhaps someday you’ll get to drive one around at your local golf course!

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