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The Broon F8: A Luxury Electric Car for Kids (Photos)

by Joseph
Broon F8
Broon F8Broon F8Broon F8Broon F8Broon F8Broon F8


For most kids, cars are a symbol for the threshold of adulthood.  And for most adults, luxury cars are a symbol for the rewards of wealth that they’ll never actually have. But some kids are just born lucky, and for them there’s the Broon F8 series by Henes Co.

The Broon F810, F840, and F870 are all vehicles for kids but with features that might just be better than your own car. That’s because they have “the identity of a real vehicle,” with Android smartcar tech as well as four-wheel drive, luxury sound systems, and a lot more.

As for where the Broon F8 series of luxury electric cars for kids can actually be driven, I guess that’s up to the parents to decide. They’re not exactly street legal, especially if a young child is behind the wheel, but they’d probably be good for zipping around a giant mansion.

You can get a lot more info on the Broon F8 series at Henes’ website here. Pricing and availability details haven’t been released yet, but previous generation models start at around $800. And you can see a few photos of the kids’ cars in the gallery up top, so enjoy. And if you have any children, for God’s sake, don’t let them see this.

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