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Brookstone Grill Tumbler

by Joseph
Brookstone Grill Tumbler via Cool Material

Brookstone Grill Tumbler

God willing, most of us will survive to see the next barbecue season. Those of us who do will have a new option for the grilling of meats and vegetables courtesy of the people at Brookstone, who’ve whipped up the Brookstone Grill Tumbler as an alternative to the conventional grill basket.

The Brookstone Grill Tumbler may have been inspired by those rotating bingo baskets, since its hexagonal rotating shape is somewhat reminiscent of those. It also has two silicone handles that you can use to rotate the tumbler without wearing gloves or oven mitts, while the built-in marinating tray provides moisture and flavor in steady supply.

$50 plus shipping and handling will get you a Brookstone Grill Tumbler from Amazon right here, where you can also get a complete outline of the product’s features and upgrades over cheaper preexisting grill baskets. I don’t want to tell you how to shop for Christmas presents, but this might be a good one for any grill-happy pappy in your life.


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