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Brixton Releases Fall 2014 Video Lookbook

by Joseph
Brixton Fall 2014 Video Lookbook

Brixton Fall 2014 Video Lookbook

I don’t know about where you are, but here in Austin it feels like summer will never end. There is hope in sight, though, and one piece of evidence for that fact is here from California skate brand Brixton, who have unveiled a video lookbook for their fall 2014 collection.

That Brixton fall 2014 collection itself includes flannel shirts, jackets, t-shirts, pants, and more, much of which is showcased in the collection’s video lookbook. The lookbook also includes a healthy dose of autumn flavor, albeit in the Brixton documentary style. There’s also a lot of skateboarding, naturally.

You can watch Brixton’s fall 2014 video lookbook below. And if it that’s not enough to put you in a fall-ish mood, you can also go to the Brixton online store here where the fall 2014 pieces in the lookbook as well as pieces from other collections are available for purchase right now.

Here’s the video:

(via Complex)

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