Home Entertainment ‘Bright’: LA Cop Will Smith Gets an Orc for a Partner (Trailer)

‘Bright’: LA Cop Will Smith Gets an Orc for a Partner (Trailer)

by Joseph


It’s a premise that’s been behind many a cop movie in the last 50 years or so: Hardened cop is partnered with some unorthodox recruit to the force, and they both end up teaching each other unexpected lessons about law enforcement. That’s the hook behind the upcoming Netflix Will Smith vehicle Bright, only this time the partner is an orc.

Bright takes place in a version of Los Angeles that looks a lot like our own, but is in fact home to all manner of fantasy creatures, like wizards, orcs, elves, and fairies, as well as magic wands, swords, and other pieces of assorted fantasia. Despite that, it looks and sounds like a typical LA cop movie in the vein of Training Day or Dark Blue, and is even being directed by David Ayer – who wrote Training Day and directed End of Watch (as well as the recent Suicide Squad).

And now that you understand the concept of Bright, you’re ready to watch the trailer for it below. It comes to Netflix on December 22nd.


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