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Breva Genie 03 Watch With Speedometer

by Joseph
Breva Genie 03

Breva Genie 03

New from luxury watch brand Breva, it’s a watch with a built-in component that can tell you just how fast you’re traveling at the moment. It’s the Breva Genie 03, with a speedometer that actually raises up 6mm from the face of the watch when activated, measuring wind speed to give you an estimate of your present speed.

The speedometer might be the most striking feature of the Breva Genie 03, but it’s far from the only one. In addition to its regular timekeeping functions, the watch is self-winding, with a 60-hour power reserve. And it’s also water-resistant up to 30 meters below the surface, and dust-proof even with the speedometer activated.

You might need an actual genie to score the Breva Genie 03, since it carries a price tag of $56,000. But if you can hack it, or if you just want some more information on a pretty cool watch, you can check it out at Breva’s website here.

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