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Breaking News: The McRib Prepared in Subpar Conditions

by Kevin Nardone

Okay, let’s be honest here. No one actually goes to McDonald’s let alone to order a McRib—expecting a fine dining experience.

You are order a sandwich with baby ribs on it, fries, and a drink for $7. What did you expect? Jon Taffer to come bursting in and condemn McDonald’s for its careless practices? Of course, the staff’s preparation methods are going to be somewhat shoddy.

This is McDonald’s we are talking about. Dollar Menu. Big Mac. Underpaid employees. I’m not sure why we expected them to a beacon of hope in an exploitative industry.

Besides, don’t act like just because you saw a video of some ribs freezer burnt to a crisp and some sloppy storage conditions that you aren’t going to spring for a McRib if you are really fiending for one.

I mean, you still eat Ronald’s nuggets, don’t you?

Exactly what I thought.

If we are going to continually turn a blind eye to the madness that takes place in fast food restaurants, how about we let the McRib-starved-public enjoy their limited time sandwich in peace.

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