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Brazilian Game Show Includes Sexy Game of ‘Twister’ (Video)

by Joseph
Sexy Twister Game

Sexy Twister Game

Man, it looks like at some point Brazil leaped way ahead of the rest of the world in a very important field: Game shows. I’m basing this opinion not on many years worth of researching TV game shows, but on a three and a half minute clip of two sexy Brazilian women playing Twister on TV.

Some would argue that the whole purpose of Twister is to get some incidental physical contact going, but the game was rarely ever sexy in real life – which is why its Brazilian game show incarnation is so revelatory. The name of the show is Arena SBT, but there doesn’t appear to be much information on the show in English – that’s OK, though, because there are some situations that transcend language barriers.

You can transcend some heavy language barriers yourself by watching and enjoying a sexy game of Twister from Arena SBT below. And if you do in fact read Portuguese, you can check out more from the show at its official site right here.

Here’s the video:


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