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Brad Pitt Gives $100,000 To Marriage Equality Campaign

by Joseph

 brad pitt

Actor, movie star, and Chanel No. 5 pitchman Brad Pitt has generously donated $100,000 of his own money to the Human Rights Campaign for Marriage Equality, a same-sex marriage campaign that was designed with hopes of achieving the right to marry for everyone in America. It’s a pretty cool move from Pitt, and it’s always nice to see people with a lot of money putting it to good use by donating it to a good cause, rather than spending it solely on big houses, fancy cars and shiny jewelry.

Here’s Pitt on his decision to donate:

“It’s unbelievable to me that people’s lives and relationships are literally being voted on in a matter of days. In Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington, voters will go to the polls to decide if gay and lesbian couples – our friends and neighbors – are worthy of the same protections as everyone else. But that’s the system we have and I’m not going to back down from the fight for loving and committed couples to have the ability to marry.”

There you have it.  Brad Pitt.  Class act.

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