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“Boycott Beyoncé” T-Shirts Being Sold … by Beyoncé

by Joseph
Boycott Beyoncé

Boycott Beyoncé

It’s a byproduct of Beyoncé‘s life and work that there are a lot of people who hate her, many of them for reasons that are not exactly above-board. But all of them have reason to apply some aloe to a serious burn now that Beyoncé herself is selling a line of officially licensed “Boycott Beyoncét-shirts.

The “Boycott Beyoncé” t-shirts are a valuable lesson in how best to deal with bullies, taking what they shout at you and throwing it back in their faces verbatim, bouncing it off your chest like bullets off of Superman. And if I know Beyoncé boycotters, this is going to throw them into a sputtering, red-faced rage.

You’ll be seeing more and more “Boycott Beyoncé” t-shirts as Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour proceeds, as it’s part of the official collection of tour merchandise. You can read a little bit more about the shirts at Complex right here.



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