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‘Bowling Alleys’: Photo Series Explores Germany’s Gorgeous Pin Spots (Pics)

by Joseph
Bowling Alleys

I wasn’t aware of this before now, but bowling is huge in Europe. Especially Germany, where the subjects of Bowling Alleys, a new series from photographer Robert Götzfried, show that they really seem to respect the game there.

These Bowling Alleys look more like sparkling, artificial movie sets than places where nachos and hot dogs can be purchased only a few feet away. That may be in part because of the way they’re photographed, in Kubrick-like symmetry and with no people or clutter distracting from the alleys’ designs. But even if you account for that, most of these places look like they’re quite a few steps up from your typical suburban bowling center.

You can check out a few of my selections from Bowling Alleys in the gallery below. But to see the entire series, as well as other very cool photography projects from Götzfried, head over to his official site right here.

Bowling AlleysBowling AlleysBowling AlleysBowling AlleysBowling AlleysBowling Alleys

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