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Bowie Book Club: Read 100 of David Bowie’s Favorite Books

by Joseph
Bowie Book Club

Bowie Book Club

Duncan Jones is a film director with a couple pretty good movies to his name and almost certainly many more to come, but he’s also not neglecting his most important role in our culture: David Bowie’s son. He recently took to Twitter to start a new project called the Bowie Book Club, which will allow you to read 100 of of his famous father’s favorite books along with Ziggy Stardust Jr. himself.

It’s a casual, informal exercise, but the Bowie Book Club is still a pretty cool idea, especially if one of your resolutions this year is to read more. Kicking things off is Hawksmoor by Peter Ackroyd, which has evidently become something of a hot item thanks to its new association with Bowie. Assuming you can get a hold of a copy, here’s what it’s all about, per Amazon:

“Integrating portraits of an eighteenth-century architect and a modern London police inspector, this novel focuses on two men, both undergoing a process of disintegration and both involved in a series of similar murders.”

To follow along with the Bowie Book Club, or at least try to, stay tuned to Jones’ Twitter account right here.

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