Home Entertainment The Bottle Boys Cover “Bille Jean” Using Bottles (Video)

The Bottle Boys Cover “Bille Jean” Using Bottles (Video)

by Joseph
Bottle Boys Cover Billie Jean

Bottle Boys Cover Billie Jean

The Bottle Boys are a musical group with a more literal name than most, seeing as how they perform music by blowing air through the openings of bottles. They have a pretty expansive body of work, but they’re getting a lot of attention for their recent cover of a true classic: “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson.

Of course, it’s impossible to improve upon perfection, but it’s still pretty fun to see a song as famous and intricate as “Billie Jean” reconstructed through such simple means. You might notice that the video was filmed in a church, which was chosen for its acoustic properties and not for any religious significance.

You can watch the Bottle Boys’ take on Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” in the video below. And for more from the Bottle Boys, you can take a look at their official YouTube channel here.

See? It is possible for recycling to be fun.

Here’s the video:


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