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Bottle Berner: Bernie Sanders Bottle Opener

by Joseph
Bottle Berner

Bottle Berner

There’s already a Bernie Sanders beer, and even though it comes in a can it makes sense that there is now a Bernie Sanders bottle opener. ┬áIt is catchily called the Bottler Berner from Zootility Tools, who are establishing some surprisingly legitimate progressive credentials by purportedly giving over all the proceeds from the product to Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

The Bottle Berner is crafted from heat-treated stainless steel and is about the size of a credit card, so you can carry it wherever you go, even into hostile pro-Clinton territory. The opener itself uses Bernie’s glasses to pry bottle caps open, kind of like how Bernie has pried the Democratic establishment open.

For perhaps the definitive Bernie Bro accessory, head over to the Zootility Tools online store right here, where you can order your very own Bottle Berner for $15 on the dot. It’s the next best thing to enjoying a beer with the man himself, and you don’t have to sit through any speeches about income tax brackets.

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