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Bosco Verticale in Milan: The World’s First “Vertical Forest” (Photos)

by Joseph
Bosco Verticale
Bosco VerticaleBosco VerticaleBosco VerticaleBosco Verticale

The city of Milan, Italy has come up with a novel solution to the problems of pollution and smog within their city limits. Known as Bosco Verticale, it’s a “vertical forest” that is home to more than 900 trees within its complex, which also houses 400 luxury condos.

The project is expected to reach the completion stage sometime this summer, after some time was spent developing the innovative structure. The Bosco Verticale project is part of an effort to increase the oxygen supply in Milan, which is in jeopardy thanks to high levels of carbon dioxide and other pollutants in the atmosphere.

You can check out a more detailed account of the Bosco Verticale’s technical specs and whatnot here, as well as some pictures in the gallery above. Doesn’t it make you want to go plant a tree somewhere (preferably outside your luxury condominium)?

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