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‘Boro The Caterpillar’: New Miyazaki Short is a Ghibli Museum Exclusive (Teaser)

by Joseph
Boro The Caterpillar

Boro The Caterpillar

These days, the public expects all mass media to be available everywhere immediately, so it’s kind of a fun novelty when something – particularly a work by a major artist like Hayao Miyazaki – is released on an exclusive basis in a particular place. Miyazaki himself recently teased just such a work, Boro The Caterpillar, and just such a place, the Ghibli Museum in Japan. And if you’re not going to be able to make it to that museum in the foreseeable future, you can at least try to content yourself with the reported plot synopsis below, as well as a teaser to follow:

“Just before the dawn breaks, Boro the caterpillar hatches from an egg in the grass.

The morning sun, the first he’d ever seen, was dazzlingly bright, and he drew in his first breaths of the delicious air of   the world. He climbed down to the surface, where other caterpillars and hostile creatures were, and took his first   steps  upon this earth.”

Don’t feel too bad if you won’t be able to see Boro The Caterpillar at the Ghibli Museum, since at only 14 minutes it’s not part of the Miyazaki feature film canon. But you can watch an official making-of video below. The film itself has a one-month engagement at the Ghibli Museum that starts on March 21st.



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