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Booze Dogs: Liquor-Infused Bratwurst

by Joseph
Booze Dogs

Booze Dogs

Usually when someone calls someone else a “booze dog,” it’s meant as an insult, as in “wake up, you blasted booze dog,” etc. But now the phrase is a brand name as well: Booze Dogs, a new line of liquor-infused bratwursts. And the bratwursts are sold by their own canine mascot:

“Step into the world of Mr. Hughes, an entrepreneuring Boxer who is charming and ambitious. Each product is inspired by one of his canine cohorts befriended amid his adventures. His expeditions are frequent and he has never met a stranger.”

Those products include Bourbon Bluetick Brats, Prime Gin-ister Brats, and Jolly Rover Rum Brats, all of which are marinated and infused with the liquors in their names. And I know I’m a broken record on this point, but eating Booze Dogs will not actually get you drunk, although if you eat enough of them you’ll probably start to feel sleepy enough not to care.

Check out the official Booze Dogs site here.

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