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BoomStick: Enhance Your Headphones (Video)

by Joseph


Expensive, (ideally) high-quality headphones are all the rage now, but there are situations in which they just aren’t practical, even if you can afford them. ¬†One situation from my own recent past springs to mind, as I was recently visiting home for the holidays and decided just to bring my earbuds with me since they take up so little space. It’s for these situations that the BoomStick would seem to be designed.

The BoomStick is a gadget that plugs into any pair of headphones, no matter how cheap or flimsy they are, and uses proprietary algorithms to enhance the audio quality. It’s simple to use, with just a single button to operate, and can work for up to 14 hours on a single battery charge.

To get your own BoomStick, just head over to the BoomCloud360 online store right here, where they’re currently priced at just under a hundred bucks a pop. And you can see a bit more about the product in the video below.

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