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Bookniture: Furniture That Folds Down Into Book-Size Packages

by Joseph


The latest innovation in the field of portable furniture was conceived as a way to avoid the problem of occupying floor space when the furniture is not being used. The result is Bookniture—furniture that can be folded into a package so compact it looks like a book.

Bookniture comes in three styles—Concrete Grey, Field Brown, and Black Leather—and they have to be the first books in history that can’t be read but can be read on. Once folded out, they make simple but comfortable ottoman-like seating especially appropriate for when you have guests and all the spots on your couches and/or chairs have been filled. Once the party ends, you just fold the furniture back into its book, and people will think you’re more well-read than you actually are again.

Release details and pricing information on Bookniture is still to come, but you can sign up for updates as they become available, and get a lot more information on the brand, at its official site right here.

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