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Book Darts: Small, Precision Bookmark Alternatives

by Joseph
Book Darts

Book Darts

I wouldn’t have thought an invention as timeless and practical as the bookmark would need to be improved upon, but that’s probably why I’m not a millionaire inventor by now. Book Darts are an alternative to the classic bookmark that allow for greater precision and accuracy in marking where you left off in a book or document.

Basically, Book Darts fasten to the page of your choice, and their small, dartlike design allow them to act like tiny arrows pointing at the exact line you’ve selected. They’re made out of bronze in the USA, and they come 125 to a pack, so if you have somehow been putting off any good summer reading projects because of your hatred of bookmarks, you now have to find another excuse for spending more than 15 minutes looking at Twitter every day.

One of those packs of 125 Book Darts will set you back $15 at the Cool Material Shop right here.

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