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Book by Cadillac: A Subscription Service for Cadillac Vehicles

by Joseph
Book by Cadillac

Book by Cadillac

Many of us dream of one day owning a Cadillac. Many more of us still may dream of having a different Cadillac for our myriad moods, at our fingertips and ready to drive at practically any time. It’s the latter group that must be the target audience for Book by Cadillac, an upcoming new app that lets users subscribe to an array of curated Cadillac automobiles for a flat monthly rate.

Of course, “flat” doesn’t really do justice to the $1,500 a month it requires to make use of Book by Cadillac, but once you pay up you get quite an upscale (not to mention unique) service. You use the app to select which model Cadillac you feel like driving at the moment, and it is delivered to wherever you are via a concierge in elegant white gloves. Once you get sick of it, you swap it out for another one, and if the economy of such an arrangement matters to you at all, you also don’t have to worry about any other automobile-related expenses, like insurance, gas, maintenance, etc.

You can get more info, and sign up for the service’s waiting list, at the Book by Cadillac site right here.

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