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Boogie-Dice Literally Roll Themselves

by Joseph


We have reached the latest, greatest plateau of technological advancement. It’s Boogie-Dice, dice that come equipped with vibration motors, LEDs, tilt sensors, and rechargeable batteries, and even a couple of microphones. Most of this hardware gets packed into the dice for one simple reason: They’re sound-activated and self-rolling!

That’s right, Boogie-Dice roll themselves if you clap your hands or make any kind of other loud noise. They light up too, but you’ll probably only notice that once the novelty of having self-rolling dice wears off after a year or two of play. They might get you beaten up if you try to use them in Las Vegas, though, so fair warning.

Boogie-Dice are available for pre-order at the Kickstarter page for the dice’s first proprietary game right here, like seemingly every other product I’ve been writing about lately. The game starts at $22, so go ahead and give them a shake if you’re so inclined. Doesn’t matter to them, since they can shake themselves just fine.

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