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The Bonaverde Coffee Machine (Video)

by Joseph
Bonaverde Coffee Machine

Bonaverde Coffee Machine

In the current era of Starbucks, it’s easy to forget that some people take coffee very seriously.  That includes the makers of the Bonaverde coffee machine.

They’re on a mission to provide consumers with the best and freshest cup of coffee imaginable, with a machine that roasts, grinds, AND brews your coffee with unprecedented speed.

The Bonaverde is the first coffee machine that roasts, grinds, and brews all in one device, with the added bonus of giving customers access to an online marketplace for buying coffee beans directly from farmers. And at just $300, it’s possible that with a little luck this could make some real waves in the coffee business.

For more information on the Bonaverde coffee machine, head to the Bonaverde website here. And check out the promotional video below for an explanation of what it’s all about.

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