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Bogobrush: Brush Your Teeth With Recycled Materials (Video)

by Joseph


Have you ever wanted to brush your teeth with old garbage? Unless you’re suffering from some serious mental delusions, probably not. But the people at Bogobrush have come up with a way to do so anyway, and I have to say they make it sound pretty darn worthwhile.

Bogobrush toothbrushes are made in the United States of America from, depending on which model toothbrush you’re talking about, either recyclable number five plastic or biodegradable bio-composite flax particle material. And as an added bonus, similarly to the Tom’s shoe brand, the each toothbrush is sold on a model of “buy one give one” (hence the “bogo” of the brand name) for those living in toothbrushed-starved communities.

You can see a short introductory video on the product below, and for some more information, if you like, head to the Bogobrush official website here, where toothbrushes start at $10 a pop.

Here’s the video:

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