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Bobo’s Mountain Sugar Maple Syrup

by Joseph
Bobo's Mountain Sugar

Bobo's Mountain Sugar

Maple syrup is a lot like steak or wine: Until you’ve had the good stuff, you really have no idea what you’re missing. If you think you’re ready to swallow that particular red pill, you could do a lot worse than getting yourself a bottle of Bobo’s Mountain Sugar.

Bobo’s Mountain Sugar maple syrup comes in two different grades. There’s  Amber Color and Rich Taste, and Dark Color and Robust Taste. Between the two of them, you can cover almost anything from the traditional pancakes or waffles to stuff like sauteed vegetables and whatever you think would taste good with a little bit of maple sweetness slathered on top.

You’re probably starting to feel a little bit hungry now, even if you had a big breakfast (must be nice, being a Monday and all). If that’s the case, you can pick up a bottle of Bobo’s Mountain Sugar at the product’s website here, where each one is priced at a robust $11.

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