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BMW Paralympian Wheelchair

by Joseph
BMW Paralympian Wheelchair

BMW Paralympic Chair

This September, shortly after the conclusion of the Summer Olympics in Rio, the city will be home to the Paralympic Games for the greatest athletes in the world with a range of physical disabilities. In advance of this year’s Games, a redesign of the wheelchairs used in some of the games has been unveiled by BMW and DesignworksUSA, and the BMW Paralympian Wheelchair appears to be a marked improvement over previous models.

The biggest upgrade represented by the BMW Paralympian Wheelchair is in the field of customization; rather than a few-sizes-fit-all approach, each wheelchair will be custom-built for the athlete that will use it to compete, using 3D modeling and a new carbon fiber construction. These upgrades will allow the Paralympians using these new wheelchairs to compete on an even greater level, although the people at Designworks USA have declined to speculate on how the new equipment might help break existing speed records.

You can read a lot more about the DesignworksUSA x BMW Paralympian Wheelchair redesign in an in-depth story on the new equipment right here, and watch for them at the Paralympic Games in September.

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