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BMW Opens Flagship “Experience Store” in Paris

by AnthonyP

BMW Store Paris

Luxury car company BMW has just opened its flagship store in Paris. It’s set to be the first of an “Apple-like” network of “experience stores” to invite customers into a kind of lifestyle.

Sized at a hefty 800 square meters and located on Avenue George V, the BMW “experience store” is part showroom, part tourist attraction, and all class.

Like Apple’s Genius Bar concept, the BMW store is home to a similar group of advisors to help guide the store’s visitors into making the right purchasing decisions and helping BMW owners with optimizing their vehicles.

BMW’s flagship store isn’t particularly unique, as it’s a concept that’s been successfully used by both Renault and Peugeot, but it’s a first for BMW. The company is set to open a host of other spaces around the world, and they’re using the Paris store as a model for the rest.

Don’t be too surprised if Audi, Mercedes and other companies start doing the same thing.

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