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BMW i8 Mirrorless Concept Car

by Joseph
BMW i8

BMW i8

They may not spring immediately to mind when you think of driving, but mirrors are actually pretty crucial to safe travel on the roads of the world, and have been for longer than the vast majority of people on Earth today have been alive. But the rear view mirror’s days may be numbered, if the future promised by the BMW i8 comes to pass.

The BMW i8 is a concept car recently unveiled by BMW at CES 2016. It replaces all of the typical rear view mirrors with three cameras that feed images into a display inside the car. The display shows a composite image made up of the feeds from the three cameras, making all the usual rear-view tasks (changing lanes, backing out of a parking space, etc.) even easier and safer than the conventional way.

The lack of mirrors also contributes to the BMW i8’s aerodynamic design, all of which and more you can check out in greater detail at BMW’s official site right here.

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