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BMW Hover Ride Concept: Based on a LEGO Kit

by Joseph
BMW Hover Ride

BMW Hover Ride

Kids and kids at heart have been using LEGO to create impossible machines, and in truth this hobby isn’t so different from the concept vehicles that automotive brands put up for publicity. That subtext has been made text by the BMW Hover Ride concept, which is actually based on a LEGO kit developed with BMW.

The BMW Hover Ride began its life as an alternate LEGO configuration that allowed you to build a LEGO BMW R 1200 GS motorcycle as a futuristic hover bike. Now its life cycle has reached the BMW concept stage, but it won’t really be complete until the company actually develops a motorcycle that can hover in the real world.

For now, though, you have to be content with the concept version of the BMW Hover Ride, the official press release for which you can check out right here. Hopefully, this means that someone from BMW will be contacting me about my Laser-Spider-Dragon-Car concept I developed using LEGO in 1994.

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