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BMW HoloActive Touch: One Step Closer to ‘Minority Report’

by Joseph
BMW HoloActive Touch

BMW HoloActive Touch

It’s hackneyed now to compare a new piece of technology to Minority Report, especially since that movie is now very close to being 15 years old. But there’s really nothing else you can say about BMW HoloActive Touch, that (if it works like it’s supposed to) will bring us a little bit closer to the digital manipulation we’ve all dreamed of.

Of course, that’s still a ways off, since BMW HoloActive Touch won’t even be demonstrated publicly until CES 2017 next month. But according to BMW, HoloActive Touch “acts like a virtual touchscreen” with “a free-floating display” that the user controls with hand gestures and that can provide tactile feedback back to the user.

For now, you can read the introductory blog post for BMW HoloActive Touch, which I’d like to note does not mention Minority Report at all, at BMW’s official site here. And for more, keep an eye on CES next month.

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