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Bluesmart: “The World’s First Smart Carry-On” (Video)

by Joseph


Even though it’s not even Halloween yet, holiday traveling season will be here before you have a chance to catch your breath. But that’s not as big a deal as it used to be, thanks to Bluesmart, a smart piece of carry-on luggage that’s designed specifically to counterbalance the most common problems that an air traveler has to face.

Those problems include leaving your bag at the terminal (a thing of the past, thanks to Bluesmart’s real-time location tracking and smartphone notifications), packing too much for a carry-on (not anymore, since it has a built-in digital scale), and even forgetting to charge up your cell phone (it has a phone charger).

Bluesmart can perform other tricks too, and you can get a nice rundown on everything it can do in the promotional video below. And to order one, just head over to the product’s website here, where it’s temporarily priced at $195 via an IndieGoGo campaign that’s already surpassed its goal by several magnitudes. I guess people were ready for a better approach to airplane carry-ons.

Here’s the video:

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