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Blue Origin Unveils First Rocket Test Launch (Video)

by Joseph
Blue Origin Test Flight

Blue Origin Test Flight

When Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that he was going to start a private space rocket company, there were probably a lot of people who scoffed or thought to themselves that he couldn’t do it. Well, the joke’s on all of Bezos’ ex-girlfriends now, because his space rocket company Blue Origin recently released video of their first rocket test flight, and it seems to have come off pretty well.

The Blue Origin rocket test video shows the company’s New Shepard rocket in action. The New Shepard is a vertical takeoff, vertical landing spacecraft, and in its maiden voyage it reached an altitude of 58 miles before making a parachute drop back to the ground.

Now, you can watch the Blue Origin New Shepard’s first test flight in the video below. And for a lot more information on the company, its first test flight, and its plans for the future, head over to the event’s blog post penned by Jeff Bezos at the official Blue Origin site right here.

Here’s the video:

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