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‘BLOCKBUSTER’: Harmony Korine Makes Sculptures from VHS Covers

by Joseph


Nostalgia is a hell of a drug. It can make you feel affection for TV shows that weren’t funny, movies that weren’t any good, or even technology that was by any objective measure totally substandard and inadequate. Take the VHS tape, which has been subject to fetishization and reminiscence for years now, Harmony Korine’s (Spring Breakers) new exhibit BLOCKBUSTER being only the most recent example. The filmmaker has turned old VHS cover art into sculptures for the exhibition, and here he is explaining what the bygone VHS era means to him:

 “I bought all the videos in the store from them. I always loved the way VHS covers looked. I loved seeing them in long rows. I began to mark over the covers myself and distort the images. I liked the idea of changing the narratives. I liked the idea of turning them into paintings, or maybe they are sculptures now.”

BLOCKBUSTER will open at the Gagosian gallery in New York next month

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