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Blitzen: The Rooftop Beverage Chiller for Your Car

by Joseph


It’s the holidays, which means the chances of you arriving to a party with a hastily purchased bottle of wine that you stopped for on the way are increasing steadily by the day. Blitzen is a novel new gadget you put on the roof of your car to solve one of the big problems associated with this ritual: Drinks that are too warm once you get to the party.

It’s a pretty specific problem, I grant you, but Blitzen is still a pretty cool device – “cool” being the operative word. It latches on to the roof of your car magnetically, and can accommodate most standard bottles or growlers. Then, the air temperature and the speed of your car do the rest.

Blitzen evidently is not available for purchase quite yet, but you can get more information on the product at its official site here, where you can also sign up to be alerted for updates in the near future.

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