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Blink(1): Get Notifications Via USB

by Joseph


Modern life is rife with notifications from all sides: Your phone, your browser, your TV, your computer, etc. But if you’re looking for one more way to be notified that “something” is going on, you could do worse than the Blink(1), especially since you can make that “something” almost anything you want.

That’s because Blink(1) works with IFTT, a notification service that is completely programmable and customizable. The same goes for the Blink(1) itself, which lets you program different color notifications depending on the event triggering it: Facebook can get a blue light, event reminders can get a green one, and so on.

If you’re busy and/or important enough to need an extra avenue for internet notifications in your life, then you will probably be interested to know that the Blink(1) USB notification gadget can be had here with a price tag of $30. And to check out IFTT, just click here.

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