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Blea Electric Surfboard Lets You Surf Anywhere

by Joseph
Blea Electric Surfboard

Blea Electric Surfboard

The great, sometimes fatal limitation of the sport of surfing is that you have to have waves in order to participate. For the sufficiently affluent, those days are now over, because the 4+ years of research and development into an electric surfboard that can be used in any body of water, regardless of waves. It’s called the Blea Electric Surfboard. 

The Blea Electric Surfboard is lightweight and sports a swappable battery, but its main feature is the up to 30 miles an hour of thrust it gives surfers even on glassy, calm waters. That’s in the upgraded “Shark Sports” model, but the board is also available in a standard “Shark Performance” board, for those who want to take it a little bit easier.

It’s still pre-order time at the Blea Electric Surfboard site right here, where it’s priced at $6,600 for the Shark Performance model, but shipments are purportedly scheduled to begin sometime later this month.

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