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Blasadh: The Perfect Whiskey Glass

by Joseph


Sometimes you just have to let go and trust the experts. This is especially true in fields the average person never thinks about – like, for example, the ideal shape for a whiskey glass that best accentuates the flavor and aroma of the beverage. Enter the Blasadh.

Discovered after years of research in the field of whiskey in distilleries all over the world, the Blasadh is a Turkish-designed glass that’s specifically crafted to best preserve the distinctive flavor and aroma of any whiskey. The shape guides alcohol vapors up and over the sides of the glass, while heavier aroma vapors are more centrally concentrated.

The Blasadh is available now as “The Perfect Whiskey Glass” from Cardinal Spirits here, where it can be purchased in sets of two starting at $25. But please – don’t pour more than 50ML of whiskey into the glass at a time, an action which requires a completely different shape of glass.

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