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‘Blair Witch’: Surprise Remake Gets VR Experience (Video)

by Joseph
Blair Witch

Blair Witch

It’s a little bit counter-intuitive for a movie studio to do a “surprise remake,” since the whole point of remakes is to capitalize on a familiar name and/or piece of intellectual property in promoting the film, resulting (ideally) in big profit margins and minimal fan backlash. But it does kind of make sense for a remake of The Blair Witch Project to take an unorthodox path to release, which is the case with the film simply titled Blair Witch.

Previously known as The Woods, the movie originally seemed like another Blair Witch Project knock-off, rather than actual remake. Now, a few trailers and TV spots for the movie’s real title have come out, as well as one for a “virtual reality experience” based on the movie, that you can check out for yourself right now.

You can do that at the Blair Witch VR experience website right here, and see a teaser for it below. Or you could just hold out for the movie itself, which hits theaters on September 16th.

Here’s the video:

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