Home Entertainment ‘Blade Runner 2049’: Belated Sequel Gets First Teaser (Video)

‘Blade Runner 2049’: Belated Sequel Gets First Teaser (Video)

by Joseph
Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049

It’s been 30 years after the events of Blade Runner, and as appears to be the fashion these days Rick Deckard has gone into hiding after running one last blade. In Blade Runner 2049, a LAPD Officer K (played by Ryan Gosling) has to go find him, and voila, we’ve got ourselves a moving picture.

We also have ourselves a teaser trailer for Blade Runner 2049, billed as an “announcement” for those keeping track. It shows Gosling’s K intruding upon Deckard (Harrison Ford) in his secluded desert hideaway, and exploring a bit of 2049 Los Angeles. There’s also a touch of Vangelis’ Blade Runner score on the soundtrack, assuring fans that this will be respectful of the original movie.

See the first teaser for Blade Runner 2049 below. The film comes out in October of next year, and in the meantime you can keep an eyeball out for more information at its official site right here.

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