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BlackPods: Apple Air Pods, Painted Black

by Joseph
BlackPods via Cool Material

BlackPods via Cool Material

“I see an Air Pod and I want it painted black.” This is not a lyric from the popular Rolling Stones song “Paint It, Black,” but it easily could be if Nanker Phelge had written it in 2017. And now, we have BlackPods, which are indeed Apple Air Pods with a colorway to match your dark heart.

How you feel about the functionality of BlackPods depends entirely on how you feel about the controversial Air Pods in the first place, since the only thing they bring to the table is their sleeked, blacked-out color scheme. They’re coated in a “three-phase approach [that] yields a luxurious scratch-resistant finish,” and you can even send in your own pair to save a little money.

A pair of BlackPods will set you back just under $250 at the product’s online store here, where you can also get more info on how to get your own pair of Air Pods coated in black 99.

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