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Blackphone: A Smartphone for the Privacy-Obsessed (Video)

by Joseph


When shopping for smartphones, a desire for privacy doesn’t generally enter the equation. Not because consumers aren’t interested in privacy, but because none of the smartphones available on the market put a high premium on privacy. That changes with Blackphone, a product of Silent Circle and Geeksphone what has recently been unveiled at the Mobile World Congress.

The Blackphone looks a lot like a regular Android smartphone, but it’s actually equipped with a whole bunch of privacy-boosting features that let users take control of who sees what when it comes to their phones. These include a collection of Silent Circle privacy apps like Silent Text and Silent Phone, which encrypt your texts and calls and keeps the NSA from tapping in.

That kind of security doesn’t come cheap, and pre-orders are now starting at more than $600. To place yours, or to check out more information on Blackphone’s capabilities, head to the Blackphone website here. You can also check out a video about Blackphone below.

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